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Marmot Press, a historical/literary website of Pitkin, Colorado, will be removed from this site permanently on April 3, 2015. Thanks to all of you who contributed material and suggestions. Since I am retired, keeping up the website has become too expensive for me, considering the very low volume of traffic. I have posted several requests for input from anyone who wanted me to keep the site up.  I had only one request, and that from one of the contributing writers.


I have turned all the material over to my partner’s son (Cliff CAruthers) and have kept a copy. If you need any of the material we have published, send email


Thanks everybody. It was a fun run.



Just as the friendly marmot utters a genuine voice of the high country, the Marmot Press attempts to deliver true commentaries on the American West, specifically on the experiences of those who have faced life with sensitivity, courage, and reflection.

Since 1996, the Press has occasionally published such booklets in the conventional manner (in print). In 2009, the Press expanded by producing online publications as well. As of 2012, these online documents include a section on literary criticism, reviewed by an editorial board and focused especially on textual analysis, linguistics, or tradition-centered approaches to American and British literature.


Thanks for visiting Marmot Press! We hope you will return soon.

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